Alumni Spotlight – Kristi B

by | Apr 20, 2017

I had been battling a disease that I wasn’t even aware I had for years, the disease of addiction. I had been living a life of isolation in a continuing cycle of insanity of using, regret, and continuing to use. My family had to stand by and watch as their daughter/sister went from being a girl with a fulfilling life to someone who spent her days drinking and watching Netflix. Sept 7, 2016, was the day my life changed, it was the day I arrived at the Westminster House where they introduced me to Narcotics Anonymous and a completely new way to live. Through the care and knowledge I was given from the staff at the house I gained the knowledge about what the disease of addiction was and what I could do to battle it. What I found most helpful about my time at the House is that they integrated us into society so we learned how to cope with things in the “real world” without having to use drugs. I also gained knowledge on to change myself from the inside so that I could live and love life without needing to use drugs, I was finally able to break the cycle of insanity; I could not have done this alone. I can truly say that the Westminster House saved my life, but on top of that, they gave me the tools to live the life of my wildest dreams. I am so grateful for the time I spent at the house and the life I have gotten because of it.


Women do recover, our alumni are proof.

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