Adult Recovery Program

The primary adult program is recommended for 90 days. For those who are unable to attend for that length, we have a condensed program, virtual recovery, or an introduction to recovery.

During a client’s stay, they explore the core issues that led to their addiction. The Primary Care program presents the framework and an action plan that leads to sustainable recovery.

The Social Model at Westminster House provides the reintroduction to drug-free social activities within the community. Allowing an opportunity to teach clients how to have fun and to experience life as enjoyable and productive without drug use. Westminster House understands that addiction is the disease of isolation and that making connections is the best medicine and the advantages of the Social Model of Recovery.

In a collaborative framework, Westminster House conducts thorough primary and ongoing assessments that result in individualized, goal-oriented, and person-centred treatment and re provided with one-to-one support with their Case Worker in scheduled sessions or as needed.

Westminster House believes that group counselling is part of a holistic, living, healing process. Staff and clients participate in a community of recovery where peers review old behaviours, thoughts, and values. New goals and associations are encouraged. Employing multidisciplinary approaches developed through 39 years of group process, group sessions cover 12 Steps, skills development, value clarification, alcohol and drug education, self-esteem, goal setting, boundary setting, conflict resolution, creating and maintaining change, attitudes, self-awareness, relapse prevention, accountability, feeling identification, problem-solving, social responsibility, intimacy, and health. Group sessions are conducted daily.

Part of living in a therapeutic community is the regular assignment of chores used to provide skills development to clients/residents and create a sense of belonging and personal integrity. Clients participate in food service activities such as menu planning, meal preparation and related activities. Clients help organize Westminster House events and activities organized for fundraising purposes.

Social/Recreation: Clients/residents are encouraged to participate in social activities at Westminster House and to take advantage of social and recreational opportunities available in the community. Westminster House encourages or organizes video nights, group field-trips (i.e.: Art Gallery), attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings/conventions/round-ups, and special activities on holidays. These activities create experiences in enjoying a substance-free lifestyle.

Wellness: The Wellness program utilizes movement of energy and specialized pain management techniques. Weekly acupuncture sessions are scheduled for each client to participate in. Clients participate in fitness/yoga classes and other recreational activities. They also take part in a weekly DBT group, art therapy, music therapy, and culture group.

Introspective Writing: Written exercises include guides through the twelve steps, daily personal journals and written assignments derived from group material, individual sessions, or family work.

Education is provided on values clarification, alcohol and drug issues, 12-Step recovery, self-esteem, goal setting, boundary setting, conflict resolution, creating and maintaining change, changing attitudes, self-awareness, relapse prevention, responsibility, accountability, feeling identification, problem solving, social responsibility, intimacy, relationships, health, and life skills. Find out more by calling 604-524-5633

Our treatment program provide connection that is the opposite of addiciton.  Check out our social media.