Alumni Spotlight – Tamara M

by | May 20, 2020

Addiction had me in its grips for nearly twenty years so when I arrived at Westminster House I was tired.

Tired of the constant battle that was going on inside me. Tired of fighting, tired of losing, completely

beaten physically and emotionally, in and out of psychosis mentally, and completely lost spiritually.

I hit bottom after bottom until I could not look at myself any longer. Losing my son to the ministry was

the most agonizing experience of my life. I spiraled. Not eating or sleeping for weeks at a time, living in

my car, involving myself in criminal activity and the list went on. I believe on my own will I would have

ended up dead. But Gods will bring me to Westminster house.


Even though I felt so unworthy I had the willingness for change. It was the women who went before me

who showed me love and support as well as the counselors with their kindness and guidance. In the

beginning, I was taught basics like proper sleep, eating three healthy meals a day being kind to myself

and others. These are often not common traits in an addict’s lifestyle.


As time went on I continued to take suggestions and explore who I wanted to be. I wanted to be an

independent woman in recovery and I didn’t know what that looked like. Westminster House helped me

to discover what this meant and how I could begin this journey of loving myself. I love how Westminster’s

house supported me in being a mom. I was encouraged and supported through the entire process of

having visits with my son and eventually having him returned to my full-time care!


During my stay at Westminster House, I was introduced to Yoga. This was new to me and I fell in love

with the way it made me feel. After spending years being so cruel to my body, mind, and soul this was a

way for me to practice showing myself the love I had always been craving but in a natural way of course.

I enjoyed this so much I decided to take a course and am now a certified yoga and fitness instructor.

I continue on this journey as a proud mother and independent woman in recovery. As I continue to

make mistakes and learn and grow, I share my experiences working with other women who want the

same thing I did. I am grateful that Westminster House has helped myself and so many women reach

their full potential. Life is no longer an everyday battle. I have freedom from addiction and that’s all I

need to start each day.