Alumni Spotlight – Miranda C

by | Apr 20, 2020

For those of you that don’t know me. My name is Miranda, and I’m an addict. The first time I ever did drugs, I was at the ripe young age of 11. I enjoyed the feelings that drugs gave me in the beginning. I felt cool, unique, never did I expect to be in the depths of addiction for over 20 years.                                

My addiction started slowly; it was mostly weekends through my high school years. This didn’t seem to be abnormal, seeing as everyone I knew at this time was doing it also. This lead to my 20’s steadily becoming more often, losing jobs along the way. I went into nursing school when I was 24 and slowed down my using tremendously at this point. Once my career started to do well, I started to party more often, got involved with a lot of unhealthy male relationships and Boom! I was back in the thick of it. I met my DOC in my late 20’s. At this point, I was using daily to prevent withdrawals, and I started to get into trouble within my nursing profession. I found NA at this time but was unable to sustain it due to not having a strong foundation in early recovery, something I later found at Westminster House.  

I was put under investigation with the nursing authority and went back to work in a different field while the dust settled. I believe this investigation was the beginning of my rock bottom. I knew I needed to change. I went to detox for a week, did a 30-day stabilization program and then my work sent me to Westminster house. I was more than ready by the time I got there, but still exhibiting a lot of addictive behaviours.  

The staff at Westminster house worked closely with me. I owe so much to the counsellors there. I went through a full set of steps in the house, which helped me work through a lot of these deeply ingrained behaviours. This is where I learned unity, to help others and to have strong relationships with women. This was something I had never experienced.                                   

 Since leaving Westminster House, I have relocated to Calgary and am still an active member of the NA community. I give back by doing service, sharing at treatment centers, and I sponsor other women. I just celebrated my one year, and I know I never would have made it this far if it wasn’t for the excellent staff at Westminster House. I owe them my life, truly. I highly recommend this facility. It might save your life; I know it saved mine.