Welcome to Westminster House

Providing a Safe and Healing Environment for Women Since 1981

Westminster House Society is a  residential treatment centre for youth girls and  women healing from addiction. Westminster House promotes and facilitates a desire for recovery. Helping women help themselves overcome addiction. The treatment program provides women with the necessary tools to trust their own ability to reclaim a drug-free existence. Westminster House teaches women how to live their life in recovery.

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In our society, drug addiction and drug abuse are ever-present issues that impact every community, group of people and income level. Like many we are saddened that there is no global remedy to drug addiction; however, Westminster House Treatment Centre for Women is one of a kind treatment facility in British Columbia that provides a social recovery model and funded beds to those who want to recover.

Westminster House Treatment Centre for Women is located in New Westminster, British Columbia, one of the largest recovering communities in North America. Westminster House understands that addiction is a disease of isolation, making connections is the best medicine, and the advantages of the Social Model of Recovery. This includes the 12 step philosophy and using personal recovery experience as a way to help others.
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