Westminster House has undoubtedly faced adversity since the COVID-19 pandemic began two years ago. Trying to operate a health care facility housing 40+ residents in communal living situations during a pandemic presents a whole host of challenges, many of which have required us to drastically adapt operational protocols, client programming, and even short-term strategic objectives. To dub radical acceptance & surrender as the “spiritual principles of the year” would be an understatement! The adage “go with the flow” has taken on new meaning… we have learned so much, endured so much, and grown stronger – not necessarily despite the pandemic, but in response to it.

We want to assure you that WHS remains steadfast in its mission to help women and youth girls overcome the struggles of addiction and recovery through these trying times. Our treatment center provides its regular, full range of addiction treatment services and now implements medical and nursing supports. Since the onset of COVID, and thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have implemented a COVID client centre that isolates those with symptoms or who have tested positive. Additionally, we have developed a strategic plan during outbreaks that includes cohorts of negative, presumptive, positive, and recovered cases. Our campus-style infrastructure is uniquely poised to facilitate this cohort strategy. We have adequate staff to care for the needs of the health and recovery of the clients. WHS has been very fortunate only to initiate these cohorts twice, one of these times being during the recent surge in omicron cases. With our first outbreak of cases presenting quite the learning curve, we were prepared and managed the more recent one effectively. There were minimal interruptions to services, and our dedicated staff had a much clearer understanding of best practices when trying to contain a virus.

We will continue to do our part amidst the onslaught of waves and changing landscapes of a global pandemic. So take good care and stay safe, healthy & happy.

And from all of us at Westminster House… let’s get on with 2022.