Alumnae Spotlight – Jane C

by | Mar 14, 2024

Hi, my name’s Jane and I’m an addict.

I grew up in a very toxic environment. Full of lots of abuse and addiction. My mom was often intoxicated and abused us for reasons always unknown. I lived in constant fear, always waiting for her to blow up next. I had two little brothers who I always took care of. For some reason my mom took all her anger out on me. Commenting on my weight and appearance and how I carried myself. As if she was angry at me for the way I looked. This made me very insecure and unsure of myself. From a very young age I started to experiment with drugs, trying to fill the void of love and acceptance I had inside. This went on for years, searching for something that numbed my pain.

In my early twenties I discovered opiates. I spent ten years in and out of treatment centers. Trying to get any minuscule amount of clean time under my belt. I’d leave the centres and relapse only days after. My addiction to opiates took me to a very low and desperate place in life. When I came to Westminster House I was broken and willing to do anything suggested of me.

Within weeks of being in the program I felt purpose in my life again. I was introduced to the NA program and the 12 steps. This was new to me. The programing and the sisterhood of Westminster House truly saved my life. I benefited from the program’s structure and the freedom I was getting through doing the step work. Slowly but surely it started to bring me back to life.

Little by little through practicing the principles of NA and doing the work suggested to me in the House, I started to feel whole again. The safety within the groups gave me a place to talk about things that caused me to relapse. I started to understand my addiction and how to protect myself. I gained tools to support not only myself, but other women.

Westminster House has supported me in ways that I didn’t even know I needed. It’s helped me heal inside and out, allowing me to grow into the strong woman I was always meant to be.

I will forever be grateful for my stay at the House. It truly saved my life.


-Jane C.