Clothing not to bring: 

Revealing, tattered and/or torn clothing.  Clothing that depicts drugs, alcohol, sex, violence or gambling and clothing with offensive slogans.

Not permitted at the centre:

  • Computers, laptop, smart phones/assistants
    (After step nine, clients are permitted use of the Internet at the library only).
  • Cell phones – Client can access their cell phone once they have completed primary care
  • Personal stereo’s
  • Cigarettes/Tobacco
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Recreational reading materials
  • Products containing alcohol (i.e., mouthwash, aftershave, perfume, perfumed lotions, hand sanitizer etc.)
  • Laxatives
  • Mood altering drugs, nonprescription medications
  • Sharps of any kind (scissors, penknives, straight razors, etc.)

Clients must take all of their belongings upon discharge.

The program Director or staff may ask to check purses, packages, pockets and rooms at any time during the program.