Hi there,

My name is Charity, and my daughter is Mady.

When Mady was a little girl, her love for art sparkled as soon as she could hold a crayon. She would draw pictures of our family, her cat, flowers, rainbows and so much more. Her creativity grew into dance, her favorite was ballet, she was quite a natural. Although quite independent and a love for her own company, she always loved good night cuddles with a good story.

At 10 years young, Mady’s struggles with mental health and self-harm started to show themselves. By 15 Mady had become a stranger to herself and our family. Counselling and doctors weren’t helping, my baby girl was lost, broken, depressed, angry and scared.

With her eyes pouring out endless tears and her frail body shaking in my arms she was crying for help to “not feel this way anymore.” This help I knew I couldn’t give her on my own. I reached out to Westminster House Society which I had come across on Facebook, that was a Tuesday. They answered my many questions, explained how their program worked, spoke with Mady, assisted me in working out our funding and by the following Tuesday Mady’s recovery journey had begun.

Westminster House’s youth program took in a terrified little girl and set free a strong, healthy, loving, confident, happy, beautiful young lady whose eyes were full of life once again. The ladies at Westminster House didn’t just teach my daughter how to live without the use of drugs. They taught her self-worth, the importance of connection, responsibility, accountability, compassion, boundaries, trust, and gratitude.

Now at 17 years old, 2 years later my daughter is back in school full time, working part time, doing a tattoo apprenticeship and still attending meetings regularly. Coming up on her 2 years in recovery she has never been happier, and we have never been closer.

Our hearts are so grateful for the staff at Westminster House and all their effort they put in to helping our youth of today’s world.

Thank you for bringing my daughter back.

Charity C.