Testimonial: Alexandra’s Story on Gaining Sobriety

There is no doubt that taking the first step into a drug rehabilitation centre might be tough. You could have many expectations or none at all, yet you might be nervous. Take Alexandra, who was only 19 when she went to Westminster House. At the time, she was the youngest person to participate in the program, and she was a little scared.

Alexandra’s Story

Alexandra started using drugs and alcohol when she was 12 years old. This was a time when all she needed to worry about was her outfit for school or how hard the math test was going to be, but she admitted that she was not the happiest little girl at that age.

Her family just moved to Vancouver from Nelson, which was partly due to her mother’s drive to continue her education at the university with her new boyfriend. Her mother was getting over a divorce and, even though she did not know it back then, this event bothered Alexandra.

She made friends quickly and bonded with them easily since most of them had gone through similar experiences. Alexandra’s friends were exciting and understanding but also damaged in some fashion, which might be the reason why they took to things like alcohol so easily. Sure, they worried about boys, make-up, and ‘booty’ shorts, but there was an underlying issue driving them toward something more damaging. Alcohol was Alexandra’s first step into this world because she soon turned to marijuana, which was followed by ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, and mushrooms.

Her drug use took control of her, and she began to lose some of her friends who did not get so involved with drugs. Drug use crushed her self-esteem, which pushed her to seek validation. She turned to prostitution and was only 15 years of age. Alexandra’s drug use only worsened as she began to use heroin. Her job fed her addiction, and the drugs helped her get through the jobs.

After some time, Alexandra’s depression got the better of her because she stopped prostituting. She began to stay at home and only went out to pick up drugs. She would get money from family members or some of the friends she had left. By this time, she understood that she could not win this battle on her own.

Alexandra’s first attempt to get over this issue was a failed 28-day treatment at a treatment centre in Kelowna. This did not stop her as she soon found a women’s drug and rehab centre in Vancouver that she was willing to give a try, Westminster House. The first thing that she noticed was that the staff treated her with the kind of love she had not experienced in years. In essence, the people in this rehab truly care about those who come in.

Recovery took a lot of commitment, which she had, but it was not easy. Still, she saw the value in some of the things she learned at the centre. She has been clean for over a year now and participates in a 12-step program that guides and supports her through her sobriety. There is no doubt that Westminster House saved Alexandra’s life and continues to do so, which is why the team invites anyone who needs help to contact them.