How a Social Recovery Model Works

Some fail to realize that those dealing with drug addiction are victims of a disease rather than people who simply do not have the will to overcome the addiction. The brain chemistry of those suffering from an addiction has been altered by the drug, which affects things like impulse control. In short, those addicted can no longer stop themselves from craving the drug. This is why treatments like the Social Recovery Model at women’s drug rehab centres are important because they address the underlying issue.

How Does the Social Recovery Model Work?

An addiction is sometimes called a substance use disorder that highlights the underlying truth of substance abuse, which is that it is a disease. The Social Recovery Model attempts to respond to the brain’s changes and challenges them through a relearning process.

For one, the model focuses on how the brain responds to stress or anxiety. The problem, at the moment, is that the brain is responding through a series of neurological sequences that end up making you crave the relief you get from drugs. What the model intends to do is retrain the brain to respond to stress and anxiety in a more productive way that does not involve drugs. This is in no way an easy process; it may be time consuming, but it is worth the effort because you are worth the effort.

There are a number of exercises employed such as guided meditation, yoga, and even journaling has been shown to help. Another Social Recovery Model focuses on creating positive role models. It is human nature to emulate others, especially if it is someone you admire. This aspect of human nature is exploited to help you reverse the drug-induced changes in your brain. Finding good role models usually involves joining a support group. Many people are on the same journey as you, which can help you feel supported. These groups usually have a number of participants who have overcome their substance use disorder, which gives others hope that they might be able to do the same.

Of course, this approach is supplemented with additional programs that have proven helpful for those dealing with addiction. These programs could include one-on-one therapy with the intent of uncovering co-occurring conditions like depression or PTSD, which can make overcoming addiction harder. In the end, what you should remember is that the application of different techniques is only part of the battle. Choosing a women’s drug rehab centre in the Vancouver area such as Westminster House is choosing a team of experienced professionals with effective techniques.