How Students are Abusing Adderall in Their Studies

A student’s life can be stressful. Sure, those who have passed this stage might think a college student does not have much to worry about, but that is simply not the case. There are grades, midterms, finals, and maybe even work to worry about. These are just a few reasons why some turn to Adderall.

Why do Students Abuse Adderall?

There could be many reasons why a student may abuse Adderall. For one, a student may have too much on his or her plate and may need more time. This is one reason why it is important to take on only what you are capable of. Another factor that may lead a student to abuse this drug is pressure. Some students feel indebted to their parents or teachers to the point that they would rather take this drug than disappoint anyone.

How This Drug Works

Adderall contains aphetamine salts, which stimulate the central nervous system. In essence, it helps increase the amount of dopamine and nerepinephrine in the brain. Both of these neurotransmitters keep a person alert, which is why some students use it, but therein lies the problem.

This stimulant starts to become a solution rather than a last resort. Students find themselves with more energy and more time to get things done. They don’t realize that they have become addicted to the way it makes their bodies feel, and the body becomes addicted to the influx of neurotransmitters to the point that it begins to crave them.

Signs of Addiction

This drug can become quite destructive in a short amount of time, meaning it is important to deal with it as soon as possible. There are a number of signs that might be warning you of a possible addiction. Some experience paranoia when addicted to this drug while others go as far as exhibiting convulsions. Others simply have a loss of appetite, nausea, and some insomnia.

Hallucinations, sexual dysfunction, and even depression have been known to accompany Adderall addiction. It is recommended that you seek out mens or women’s drug treatment should you notice any of these symptoms. Understand that there is no shame in becoming addicted; the people at Westminster House are compassionate and want to help you beat this ailment, so give them a call. What you need to remember is that there is always a way back. All you need is help and the will that lives inside of you.