Addiction is a family disease and has an impact on loved ones just as much as it does for the addict. Family members often get trapped into their own cycle of co-dependency and enabling behaviour, which not only supports the addict to continue to use but takes a hard emotional and financial toll on their families. It is important that families can heal alongside the addict by working their own personal program of recovery. This allows all members of the family system (both the addict and their loved ones) to gain a clear sense of their own personal responsibilities, as well as to establish healthy boundaries conducive to the development of a long-term recovery plan.

We at Westminster House recognise the importance of providing this space for families to connect and heal, as it improves both treatment outcomes for the addict and the overall health of the family system.

The family program at Westminster House allows parents, siblings, partners and close friends a place to work on their own healing and discuss the impacts of addiction on their lives. Through this process, they are educated on the disease of addiction and are better equipped to offer healthy support to their recovering loved ones. In addition, the Family Group becomes a space for families to connect with others in a shared experience and form their own support network.

Participation in our family program includes a few elements: a weekly therapeutic group, and access to telephone, email and one to one support. The newest element of our Family Program comes in the form of an interactive Facebook group, where information, support links and personal recovery achievements are shared between staff and family members. Our goal is to help families feel confident and included in the treatment process and allow each member of the family unit to grow together and understand recovery in their own way. We are so pleased to offer this service, and I am personally honoured privileged to be a part of it.

As the Continued Care Coordinator, I have the privilege of facilitating our Family Group Program, working closely with our clients’ family and friends to help them feel confident in their ability to positively support their loved ones.

To get involved in Family Group please visit our facebook site at:

or contact Cass Smith at 604-524-5633

Family Group meets every Wednesday from 7:00-8:30

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