On July 12, Westminster House recovery program alumni and volunteers attended the first annual alumni retreat at Rainbow Lodge in Powell River . . . .  and it was a huge success.

Rainbow Lodge offered our women a truly authentic experience where they could immerse themselves in a unique, secluded, and natural setting.

Congratulation to the alumni, volunteers and the New West Recovery community that made attending the retreat possible.  Through the fundraising efforts, $5,400 was raised by hosting car washes, yard sales and selling raffle tickets.

Twelve of our alumni gathered at Rainbow Lodge that sits on over six acres of property deep within the West Coast rain forest. Just footsteps away from the Lodge are the pristine waters of Powell Lake. Rainbow Lodge provided an opportunity to relax on the large patio, toasting marshmallows in the fire pit or kicking back in the wood burning hot tub and / or sauna.

The retreat included 2 daily mindfulness based relapse prevention workshops that is a designed as an aftercare program to support integrating mindfulness into current recovery plans.

The workshop included topics such as:

  • Automatic Pilot and Relapse, Awareness of Triggers, and Craving
  • Mindfulness in Daily Life: S.O.B.E.R. Breathing Exercises
  • Mindfulness in High Risk Situations
  • Acceptance and Skillful Action
  • Seeing Thoughts as Thoughts and Importance of Self-Care
  • Lifestyle Balance, Social Support, and Continuing Practice

Threaded through program is a light focus on cognitive behavioral therapy with a goal to help people to change patterns of thinking or behaviour.

Each night the women participated in games such as Pictionary, cards, and an amazing night of karaoke.

Thank you to our hosts Joe for providing this incredible sanctuary and Blair for his amazing food, accommodating our women’s health needs, and preparing delicious vegan and dairy and gluten free meals.

Read Kendall B. testimony

See you next year!

Follow this link for more information about Rainbow Lodge.