Virtual Recovery Program

At Westminster House, we provide web-based programs that specialize in family support and addiction treatment and co-occurring conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues. Our complimentary assessments provide a careful throughout recommendation to where to start in our extensive program, keeping in mind the unique and individual needs of every client. In addition, our virtual recovery program offers peer support, recovery coaching, addiction counselling, clinical counselling, group sessions, and aftercare. Other areas of support are grief counselling, trauma, parental coaching, and counselling for stress, anxiety and depression. All our clients are supported from a strengths-based perspective. Westminster House facilitators are registered recovery coaches, certified addictions counsellors, registered clinical counsellors, and master-level counsellors.

Fight Your Addiction with Our Virtual Recovery Program
The virtual recovery program is designed for women and youth girls who can’t spend the time necessary for residential treatment. We understand that people have jobs and lives to get back to, which is why we can provide an easier way to fight your addiction. The virtual recovery program has been designed to allow women to continue to manage their life and still keep on fighting their addiction.

The program offers a welcome respite to anyone unable to spend the recommended minimum of 90 days in the residential program. Our goal is to facilitate women, and young girls to fight their addiction and slay their demons in style. This is where the virtual recovery program comes in since it is designed to ensure that you stay on top of your recovery and get back to life.

So, don’t waste another second and get in touch with us now to learn more about our virtual recovery program and how it can benefit you in the long run

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