By Tanis Maurice

Program Manager

Trauma Relief Programs also known as TRP are designed to help individuals battling with emotional, mental or physical distress caused by a traumatic event or experience at some point in their life.

Individuals suffering from addiction often carry the burden of trauma in their day to day living in episodes such as withdrawal, pain, terrors, anxiety, insomnia and irritability to name a few. Trauma, when not looked at can hinder the addict’s ability to recover and live free from substances.

Individuals with trauma require an adequately planned and thought out course of action for their treatment plan. Trauma enhanced programs do not involve reliving the trauma or completely removing it from one’s memory, however, the programs can create a baseline of information to begin the process of rewiring the brain.

Registered therapists dealing with trauma assist patients find new ways to develop healthy and positive pathways that help reinforce and change behaviors.

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Poppi Sabhaney

Trauma can come in many forms and affect each person differently depending on their life experience and threshold of emotional or mental pain. Trauma can be a result of minor or large wounds, violence, domestic abuse, mental abuse and emotional abuse. Unlike physical wounds that can be seen and relieved through temporary solutions or medications, emotional and mental trauma goes much deeper and requires consistent therapy to break away from old thoughts and patterns.

Trauma is often held in the brain and patients require rehabilitation techniques to release the damage.Westminster House acupuncturist, Poppi Sabhaney  uses enhanced acupuncture stimulation. Our registered massage therapists uses lymph node drainage and touch healing to move trauma through the sympathetic nervous system.

The trauma enhancement program has helped over 15 clients this year to deal with their individual trauma experiences. All participants who completed the 8-week program reported significant improvement on how they remember their traumatic experiences. They have gained tools and created new behaviors to aid in their improvement of pain, sleep, night terrors, anxiety, depression to name a few. Many have also reported increased energy, relaxation and better sleeping patterns.

Tanis Maurice

Tanis Maurice c.c.a.c., i.c.a.d.c.

Our goal at Westminster House is to ensure that women have healthy and effective methods of treatment available to them so that they do not need to rely on the use of drugs or mind altering substances. Addiction alone can be overwhelming and cause misery and distress, when combined with trauma we at Westminster House know the fragility of our clients and work as a team to provide the best solution possible.