Spotlight – Shannon M

by | Jan 27, 2020

A Mother of an Addict – Testimonial

The road of addiction pulls families apart and our family was no exception.  Watching our daughter Kaley dive deeper and deeper into her drug dependency left us feeling hopeless and distraught. 

As her mother, I wanted to help Kaley get clean and live her best life. But, I soon realized that there was nothing I could do that would make her change. Not a mother’s love, suggesting rehabilitation, trying to persuade her to stop … nothing I could do would make leave her addiction. So, I stood helpless on the sidelines watching her slowly kill herself as she ran down the path of self-destruction. Little did I know my daughter was growing weary of her entrapment to drugs.  

I have a friend who had gone to Westminster House (WH).  She speaks of her time there and how it saved her life. As well, it gave her family the hope they needed at such a desperate time.  I prayed and hoped that one day Kaley would end up at WH, either by her own choice or court-ordered.  

One day our daughter decided she was sick & tired of her life and repercussions of her addiction.  Within 2 days she was admitted to WH … it literally saved her life as she was on death’s door. From that day on her life began to change.  

Kaley was admitted to a hospital for 3 weeks while under WH’s care due to heart issues from her drug use. WH staff and clients came to visit her frequently to establish a relationship with her. It was there in the hospital WH started working on her recovery from addiction. After her hospital stay, she moved into WH to start the complete submersion of recovery. She would stay at WH for 13 months.   

At first, my husband and I were skeptical. Could WH give our daughter the tools she needs to combat her addiction?  How can they help her? Why could they help her? How is she going to react to changes in her life?   

Very quickly we could see a major shift in Kaley’s direction. We saw it in her demeanor.  We heard it in her voice.  Her physical appearance had regained a healthier state.  Hope was finally reappearing in our lives.  

At WH Kaley was surrounded by people who had walked in her shoes. Staff and clients who could relate to her and her choices. WH provided a safe environment to share through her writing and honest discussions (both group and private). Her mental health was a priority and attended to. She started to develop a purpose. Her self-confidence grew. At WH she was able to start healing physically. Her body needed some extra attention from malnourishment and the abuse it was put through.  WH’s holistic approach focused on all aspects of her life. The daughter we once knew started to return.  The beautiful, smart, passionate, motivated, compassionate and amazing woman resurfaced because of her ongoing recovery.  

Our family visited the house a few times while Kaley was there.  My husband and I left every visit with such relief and gratitude for this facility.  I was able to bring Kaley’s son to visit. I was nervous about how Kaley was going to react seeing him and how her son would respond.  But the staff were prepared to give Kaley support and encouragement to deal with her unique situation.  WH treated her son with such enthusiasm and excitement.  They made him feel at home. He loved his visits at the house with Kaley.  It has strengthened their relationship because of the approach taken.  

Our family cannot express into words the deepest appreciation and gratitude we have for WH. Our daughter’s life was nearing the end but … WH revived her and brought her back to life!  WH has shown our family that recovery is possible!