When I decided to admit myself to treatment, it was my last hope. I wanted to end my life, but if there was even the slightest chance that treatment could offer me something better, I was willing to try it. I arrived at Westminster House scared, hopeless, broken, and without faith. Drugs and alcohol had destroyed the person I once was, and I felt so lost and alone that I was almost ready to give up. Within mere days, I had hope. Within mere weeks, I had faith. Within mere months, I had gained back the spirit that drugs robbed me of and the determination to keep going. Westminster House reminded me that I matter and that my life is worth fighting for. My counsellor worked with me, alongside the many other women seeking treatment, to build back what I lost and remould both myself and my life into something I am today so proud of. It took dedication and commitment, but I am forever grateful that I persevered. I have two wonderful humans who call me Mom, who were just four and six years old at the time of my treatment. Leaving them was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but anything worth doing is never easy. My daughter, now nine, tells me regularly that she is happy I “went away” because I came back a “better Mummy,” which means everything to me. Feb 28/2021, marked three years of sobriety and clean living, but more importantly, three years of happiness. I am forever grateful to Westminster House for helping me to recover and showing me a new way to live – Without them, I wouldn’t be here today, and my kids would not have known what it is to have a sober Mom. Thank you, Westminster House, for helping me find myself again.