People call me Moe

by | Feb 4, 2021

People call me Moe, Alumni Maureen

My name is Maureen, but most know me as Moe. I was born with the disease of addiction, lived the majority of my life in active addiction, and today, I am a recovering addiction living my purest life in recovery, LIVING MY WILDEST DREAMS, as the saying goes.

I always knew something was different about me, even as a young child. I had odd behaviours, made unhealthy choices, or seemed to be drawn to dangerous lifestyles. I just thought that was my destiny, a life of bad decisions, chaos, manipulation, and despair. I accepted that I was either going to die or live a dark life of sadness because I genuinely deserved it. And that was my course of action.

In my 20’s I started to travel the world, trying to find a remedy for my sadness. I trained in many modalities, became a bodywork therapist, tried living off the grid or in a foreign country. Still, nothing ever helped with the thirst I suffered to sabotage my wellbeing through alcohol, drugs, sex, and active addition always seeped back into my life. After I had burned down yet another successful venture and love relationship, at 37, I was introduced to recovery.  This is where my new chapter sorted to begin, and life started to reveal itself to me on a whole new level!

In 2016 after another sabotage and overdose, the universe brought me to WESTMINSTER HOUSE; being a broken woman, fragile body; mind, spirit, I was an empty shell is a woman. Sister. Daughter…living being.

I will never forget the first moment I entered Westminster House, something changed. It felt safe; a warmth came over me. To this day, I tear up thinking of that first introduction to Westminster House because I felt hope in my heart; also, a kind woman sat me down and placed a beautiful, healthy meal in front of me, encouraging me to eat.  Even then, I didn’t know how to accept kindness. I had been so used up, abused, a lot of bad choices with very bad consequences took their toll, and I was so weak n tired from the inside out. That first soul meal was the start of my journey, and from there, my transformation and a long, long road to recovery and discovery began. It went easy for me to be 38 when I entered the doors of Westminster House, but I truly wanted change in my life and to learn how to live.  Through staff, clinical, kitchen staff, Susan Hogarth, I started to blossom being guided, taught, reassured and surrounded. I was starting to conquer active addiction and hopes, and dreams started to trickle into my heart. Today I have a program still doing the basics. I share what has been given to me. I live and work in recovery, growing each day almost five years clean…I accept happiness and surrender to this beautiful life. My past life was like a toxic oil spill that coated everything, slowly drowning everything around me, taking many years to clean up and wash off.

Today in 2021, I live the purest life, a hot tub with my higher power every day. I live in beauty and vibrant energy; I am open to experiencing anything for the first time and staying humble. I have a home in my heart where the doors remain open, and the solution is always at hand. I am building a relationship with my family, and at 43 years and feeling like a 5-year-old, that being my clean time, life is so exciting to me. I have never been so clean, grounded, beautiful glowing from the inside out.

I truly believe the universe led me to Westminster House because I would surely be dead today without it. I’ve been given a chance to live my best life today. Sure there are peaks and valleys, but I stay clean and walk through them with strengths of recovery and the 12 step program, healthy guidance and support. The doors of Westminster House never close.

It is said in recovery, hold on, don’t leave before the miracle happens, or recovery loves you until you can love yourself, our tribe our people..these are my mantras today, and Westminster House will always be the place in my being I call home.

Thank you for my sobriety.  Moe