Alumni Spotlight – Eva

by | Feb 16, 2016

I was 19 years old, feeling hopeless, lost and exhausted due to my drug and alcohol abuse. I was introduced to a 12 step meeting in New Westminster and that is where I met a woman who suggested I consider going into treatment at Westminster House Recovery Centre for Women. At that point I was desperate to do anything to change my life. I didn’t want to feel the way I was feeling and I needed help, structure and support.

I called the house every day until I finally got accepted into the program at Westminster House. I was scared and I had a lot of doubt and fear that it treatment could actually work, but the staff made me feel very comfortable. Westminster House saved my life. I learned a lot about myself, things that I needed to work on including my interactions with women and men and my unhealthy patters and behaviours (addictive behaviours). There was a strong sense of unity and support which was important for me. I didn’t feel alone anymore. I ate very well, and I participated in all the program activities. I learned how to express my suppressed feelings.

I will always have a strong appreciation for the women who I cleaned up with and the staff at Westminster House who put the energy and time into helping me heal from addiction and find a better way of life. I am now an active alumni participant and still find time to give back to the program.

I wasn’t always easy, but I needed a wakeup call, thank you Westminster House.



Women do recover, our alumni are proof.

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