Alumni Spotlight – Courtney S

by | Nov 21, 2015

August 22nd of last year was the day I finally admitted defeat and walked in the door of Westminster House.

It was a long time coming. In my addiction I cared about nothing and no one. The guilt, shame, alienation, loneliness, and depression intensified each and every time I used. The disease took over my life entirely.

My family and loved ones were tired of the stress and chaos I had brought into their once peaceful lives. I had also grown tired of suffering and being a complete slave to my drug of choice. My photography business that I had spent nearly two years establishing fell to the ground in a hurry, and it wasn’t long after that, that all priorities in which used to be of value were put on the back burner. Nothing is exactly what I was left with. No self respect, no family, job, money, home, or vehicle.

The ‘bottom’ that everyone talks about that brought them to their knees begging for help was on going for me, and hit me like a ton of bricks many times each day until I crashed.  I had enough of the pain that addiction inflicted upon my life.

Today I am 20 years of age and by the grace of God I ended up at the Westminster House Recovery Centre for Women. Nothing and no one can lead me back into addiction. I see myself growing in all aspects of my life and slowly but surely becoming an active member of society. The house helped me to not only conquer my disease of addiction but showed me that my life has purpose. The hopes, dreams, goals, and inspirations that I fantasized about throughout my addiction, I now have the ability to act on.

I am now in the second stage of my recovery living in the transition house with several other women. I have every intention of continuing to grow in my recovery by staying clean, remaining involved in the 12 step fellowship, and giving back to Westminster House that saved my life.


Women do recover, our alumni are proof.

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