Alumni Spotlight – Claudette S

by | Nov 21, 2015

I came to Westminster  House in November of 2014, after being hospitalized for over a month.

My liver had failed and my kidneys, brain and every part of my body had been affected.  I consumed alcohol daily, isolating  and could no longer function without it because the side effects were too severe and noticeable and I facing some serious health consequence of my alcoholism.  I was very angry, bitter and ashamed of what I had done to myself.  My family was shocked, afraid, and astounded at the shell of a person that I had become.

As I was in the hospital fighting for my life, my sister-in-law along with some of my other family made a call to Westminster house not knowing what to expect.  Susan and Sarah both comforted my family and made plans for my stay here.  Never being in treatment before, I had no idea what to expect.  Sarah and her staff put valiant efforts to care for my many medical needs on a daily basis. With several more hospital visits and the love and care of the women at the house, my health slowly started getting better.  I attended one-on-one counseling , and gained new hope, faith, and the will to live life again.

The anger slowly went away and without even knowing it, I was smiling again, seeing the world and my surroundings in such a different light. I was fed nutritional, healthy meals and got involved with several other programs they offered like Yoga, Acupuncture, Mediation and Zumba. I was surrounded by devoted, amazing women that actually cared about me and slowly but surely gave me tools to function again, and to feel worthy.  I was involved in a twelve step program and attended meetings with great support, both emotionally and physically.  I contribute my wellness to the positive and supportive environment they provided to me and called Westminster House my home.  I left the house in June 2015 and with careful  transitioning and support from Sarah and Susan.  I stayed connected, and volunteered with the house, enjoying being around new women, and checking in with staff, and alumni.

Today, I hold a position with Westminster House working in the kitchen and doing what I love.  I am passionate about life and live in the solution today, not the problem . I was given a gift by these women, they have shown me how to be strong, positive, and given me many tools to live a healthy lifestyle.  My doctors are amazed at my recovery, as well as my family and loved ones.  I am a “miracle” I cannot imagine where I would be today without Westminster House. I have been given the opportunity  at a second chance , and for that I am filled with gratitude  I am thankful for having such rewarding and fulfilling relationships again. .  I am truly happy and content, and excited about my life!

Women do recover, our alumni are proof.

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