Alumni Spotlight – Tanya L.

by | Jun 26, 2018

February 12th 2014 was the day I walked into Westminster house. February 13th 2014 is my clean date, and still is. I hold onto that with my dear life.

24 years old, my life was completely robbed from addiction. I put everything that meant to me on the back burner, the compulsion for drugs over ruled my life. I just couldn’t stop. Westminster house was my solution. I pushed everyone away in my life, but my sister Tia didn’t give up on me. She had a friend who introduced me to this program at Westie house, I fought so hard to get into the program. I was determined to do whatever it took to get into the house because I was absolutely done with where my life went in my addiction. I had no idea with what I was getting into but am I every grateful for that experience. Surrendering my will to the house to help guide me back to life. Westie house offered me so much including eating healthy, taking care of my mind, body and spirit. They taught me accountability and showing up and doing things when I say, with that my self esteem grew. Learned how to have relationships with woman and my family again. How to be a productive member of society and this community. I was able to work through grief and loss from the trauma throughout my childhood and teenage years. I heard other women’s stories and learned how to be compassionate, caring and understanding, knowing that we are all equal.

Since I left the house in August 2014, life is amazing. I took the tools and built the foundation to continue my recovery here in New Westminster. I have gone through lots of loss and trauma clean. The westie house taught me how no matter what I can get through anything clean. Having to make tough decisions to better my life and surround myself with people who lift me up. Gone through injuries for a couple of years has been a battle, but I am never alone. Being a westie girl means I am apart of something special. Having that sense of belonging to something, belonging means acceptance as a member of the westie house. I found that here as a westie girl. I give back to women at the house as well as the community. I value in helping others, it gives me a sense of a purpose in my life today. I sponsor multiple women, showing them the unconditional love that was shown to me in the beginning. Having that person believe in them and helping build their self esteem. I strive everyday to be a better person because today I know I am worth it. This is where my life was saved, so I thank Westminster House for showing me the way.