Alumni Spotlight – Krista S.

by | Mar 27, 2018

I hadn’t considered going to treatment before being admitted into Westminster House.  I was looking for a place for just women that could really help me deal with all the underlying issues I had along with my substance abuse. Westminster House Society for women changed my life beyond my highest expectations. My stay at the house lasted eight months, including transition and I couldn’t be more grateful for the time that I spent there.  They allowed me to discover freedom from myself, as well as from my chemical dependency. The staff were patient with my needs and I am still receiving support from them. I’m over fourteen months clean now and I spend a great deal of my time happily giving back to other women who are struggling as much as I was. The programming, as well as the clinical care they offer, healed my mind, heart, and soul. I will forever be grateful to the Westminster house society. Thank you for all that you do.

-Krista S.