Alumni Spotlight – Jaya O.

by | Jul 1, 2019

Before I came to the Westminster House, I was broken, lost and I just didn’t see a future for myself.

I had lost my best friend from an overdose, and in result, my addiction progressed even further, consuming my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I burned all bridges and also lost my relationship with my whole family. I was self-destructing, and no one wanted to watch me slowly pave my gravestone.

It was suggested from my grief counsellor to come to the Westminster House. When I came, I was scared but willing to change. I was warmly welcomed by women, which was weird to me considering I never got along with women and overall trusted no one. They taught me routine, communication skills, personal refection and most importantly, how to accept my surroundings and myself.

Coming into treatment, I thought I was just going to be rid of drugs and alcohol, but I got way more; the capability to do all the things I’ve dreamed of doing. Though I’m out of primary care, the Westminster house is still helping me out with blessing me with the opportunity to now be apart of the Westminster Team as a business development facilitator! I can’t believe the life I now have today. I never thought I could look beyond never being capable of having a life I always wanted. I now have my family in my life, I process feelings, and I love and accept myself and others. Thank you, Westminster House, for saving my life.