Alumni Spotlight – Brittany B

by | Jan 6, 2022

I can remember my addiction beginning at the age of 12. I was raised in a single parent household and even though I knew my parent did the best she could with what she knew I still felt a disconnect with my family. So I found a connection with other people, mostly older than me. I was 12 when I first tried substances and after that first time I felt I found something to help cope with the underlying loneliness I felt. Once I used I was in obsession, when would I use next, where, with whom and what I would use were constantly on my mind. My addiction went undetected from friends and family until I was 21/22 at which point I was physically dependent on substances. I was completely powerless and my life was absolutely unmanageable, I couldn’t stay in one job, bouncing from different relationships, lying, cheating and stealing, some of my family not wanting much to do with me.

I came to Westminster House on November 30 2020, which turned out to be an extremely relieving day for me. I didn’t have to put on a façade of everything being fine, I could finally have the proper help and guidance to heal past wounds that I only used substances to fill. I had tried other avenues but I intuitively knew that in-patient treatment was the best choice for me. Westminster House taught me to acknowledge and honour my feelings & emotions, stand in my truth and genuinely be of service to others in need. Honestly, Westminster House helped me save my own life, being reborn into a new way of life that has been so full of connection, love and healing. I remain forever grateful that I made the decision to turn my life over, accept the help I needed, and trust Westminster House’s process. I am over 1 year clean and genuinely excited for what life has to offer me, all thanks to Westminster House.

-Brittany B.