Alumni Spotlight – Bobbi W

by | Apr 6, 2022

Hello, my name is Bobbi Walch and I am honored to share with you all why I love Westminster House. I have been to a few different treatment centres throughout my years and the Westie House I have been to now twice.  I learned a lot about myself each time. My first stay was only 60 days long but there was just something about this place that stuck with me and when I needed help again, I came back.  I stayed just over 90 days in the primary care program and then graduated and came into their transitional living program, and have been down here now for just over 4 months.  The program here is all about supportive living and building connections with other women. We attend two Narcotics Anonymous meetings a day and have small peer support groups where we learn to share our feelings honestly. We have educational groups where we are taught about healthy communication, spirituality, mental illness, shame and guilt, DBT, and much more. We always end our week off with a positivity group which was always very inspiring to me. We each have a case worker assigned to us who is available to speak with us anytime we need.  I learned how to build trust with this person and get honest with her. She also led my smaller peer groups where I felt safe enough to get vulnerable and build connections with other women. I learned how to listen to others, let go of my self-will, and take feedback with an open mind.  We learn that this program is here to save our lives one day – sometimes one moment – at a time if we are willing to surrender and accept the help. I have gained the courage to share at meetings and help other women that come into this place I call my home during this time in my life. They encourage me to set goals and follow my dreams by applying for funding for school. Then, hopefully in a few months I can start on a new journey as an employee at Westminster House. I honestly wouldn’t change anything. This place saves lives. Let your journey start here with us!

-Bobbi W.