Dr. Raymond Liang

Addiction Psychiatry


Dr. Liang’s interest in Addiction Medicine was triggered by his 6-month elective at Emory University. He worked under the late Dr. Douglas Tabott, the father of Addiction Medicine and the Talbott Recovery Program. He was a formative figure of the Impaired Physician Program, where most Impaired Physicians from North America begin their journey to recovery.  The elective allowed him to be part of the Caduceus group where 100 Recovering Physicians and Nurses participate in Group Therapy at the same time!  After completing the Elective, He became eligible as one of the first Psychiatrists to be certified in Addiction Medicine in Canada in 1986.  After a successful practice in Multicultural Psychiatry, Dr. Liang has embarked on serving the recovering population at The Westminster House in March of 2021.


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