Your child is going through alcohol treatment, and you, as a parent of a drug addict, remain hopeful that she will defeat this issue, but there are a few things lurking in your heart. These might include stress, guilt, and even fear. You should remember that these feelings are normal. The following should help you process what is going on.

Natural Fear

One thing you may feel is fear. You might be wondering if the treatment is going to be successful or if there is a chance that this addiction might return to haunt your daughter, which is only natural.

Talk to the professionals at the Westminster House about what you can do. You can learn about your daughters triggers and help her avoid them once she goes through the treatment. You can form a support group so that she can call someone if she is ever in a crisis.

Am I to Blame?

Thinking that you are to blame for your daughter’s addiction is not healthy. There is no denying that some parents might have played a part in the issue, but in the end, it was your daughter’s decision to turn to illegal substances or alcohol.

You should consider talking to a counsellor or a support group for parents of addicts to receive additional help and support. This is not required, but it will certainly help, especially if your feelings of guilt are overwhelming.

Family Cracks

Surely, you and your entire family are happy that your daughter is getting substance abuse or alcohol addiction treatment, but you also worry about how this addiction has affected your family.

It is likely that you do not trust your daughter as she might have stolen to feed her addiction. It may be possible that she emotionally abused you or the rest of your family because of her addiction. Some families have gone through considerable financial strain because of this issue.

What you and your daughter need to accept is that trust has been lost. You will need to allow your daughter to regain your trust. This is a very personal experience, and it may take a long time. Do not feel guilty if you cannot trust her immediately, but be sure to let her know that you are trying.

It might be wise to attend family counselling sessions or family group therapy if you think you need it. You can also talk to Westminster House professionals for additional tips.