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Westminster House Treatment Centre for Women is a not for profit agency that offers a specialized, realistic, affordable program in a healthy self-sufficient environment for women to get clean from drugs and alcohol abuse.

The best choice our daughter Carolyn made, when she finally realized she needed help to get clean and go into treatment for drug abuse in order to have a better life for herself and a better relationship with her semi-estranged family, was when she contacted Westminster House and asked for their help.

As her mother, I can confirm once she entered the Westminster program and began the tough work it takes to get clean, our lives were no longer on hold and we collectively slowed our thoughts from being full of fear and feeling the shame and hopelessness that accompanies these thoughts to feeling gratitude for a place and a program Westminster House has to offer. We were finally beginning to feel we were getting to a point where we were able to “stop holding our breath” waiting for the worst to happen to our youngest and beautiful daughter.

We could lose her to either the streets or beyond if nothing changed.  It was a matter of time.

We also knew we would never get over losing her and would always be questioning ourselves as to what could we have done differently to prevent this addiction.

What I have learned is addiction can happen to anyone.  It has no restrictions or preferences, is sightless and ageless.

The excellent program model Westminster House has initiated, adopted and established provides their clients and the client’s family with hope and tremendous support throughout treatment and through the recovery program.  The care and after care has been extremely helpful and a tremendous success for myself and my family.  We feel better than we did in the past but still take nothing for granted.  We all work on our recovery but appreciate the recovering addict works much harder on a daily basis.

Being a family disease we feel this is a joint effort for all of us.

Westminster House’s management team and every support staff member has made themselves available to counsel our family every step of the way and continues the process, even in recovery when we have any residual fears or concerns to assist us in continuing moving forward in our recovery.

Carolyn is now 6 years clean.  We are very proud of her.   She has gone back to school and completed her education in drug addiction counselling and has chosen to work in this field as a Counsellor because she wants and is making a difference to her life, our lives and the lives of others wanting to get clean and in need of help and requiring treatment.

Westminster House cares about the client and their family as they have encouraged us and others to keep connected and to keep working our recovery program.

Westminster House management and support staff have become our extended family.   We have tremendous respect for Westminster House and always will.

I can honestly tell you with all of us working together and staying connected it has benefited us immensely and we are forever grateful for what they gave us through their experience, knowledge, kindness and caring.  We have a better understanding of the importance of staying in recovery and respecting the hard work the recovering addict has to put into their recovery each day in order to stay clean and be the person they truly are.

Our family’s successful recovery, as well as Carolyn’s, has always be at the forefront of Westminster House’s program.  For that I say “Thank you” we could not have done it without all of you.

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