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Before my daughter came to Westminster House, I felt we had lost her to a life of drugs.

My family had tried repeatedly to help her but it was not something a family could deal with alone. We did not have the tools, experience or a plan that could help our child with an addiction.

I wish that there were more places like Westminster House.

When your child is in pain, dependent on substances that could destroy her life, you quickly realize there is very little help available. If you don’t have the funds to get help, it’s even more scary. My darkest moments were wondering if my daughter would ever return and be able to reach her full potential. Shortly before my daughter went into treatment, she told me how much drugs had taken over her life. That even though she wanted to be clean, she feared she would not be able to overcome addiction.

Westminster House is a miracle. They took my daughter, who very much wanted a clean and sober life and gave her the tools and strength to get her life back. I don’t know how they did it, but they were able to reach her, listen to her and show her how she can have a life free of drugs.

Our relationship has completely changed now that she is clean.

It started whilst she was in treatment. My daughter and I would talk regularly on the phone and meet up for visits. Before treatment, my daughter did not want to have a relationship with me, how can I ever thank you enough for giving me my daughter back? I always think of it as a rebirth. That little girl that smiles at me from her long ago school photos got a second chance. I am confident that many great things are awaiting my daughter.

What impresses me so much with Westminster House is their OnGoing Recovery aftercare.

Once a resident leaves, well they never really leave, they continue to have support with the staff and the women who have supported them through the program. It is has been essential for my daughter to feel this support and it is the essential core of this program. My daughter had been in treatment before without any aftercare available.

After care is so important to future success. My daughter is encouraged to keep connected to the house to help and support the newer girls that have replaced her. It reminds me of the saying it takes a village to raise a child.

Thank you Westminster House for everything you have taught my daughter.


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