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I was raised in a home where alcohol was abused and addiction was very evident.

Growing up, I was affected by someone else’s addictions.  Little did I know that down the road, the youngest of our four children, would also be caught up in addiction.  This child was our precious young daughter Jocelyn.

For many years, it was all about drug and alcohol counsellors, hospital stays, fear, hopeless calls home, more fear, frustrating and anxiety filled visits to our home, job losses, unanswered questions and more hopelessness, fear and anxiety.

Despite my love and concern for Jocelyn and her future, I became angry, resentful and then began to set more boundaries.

Very soon after that, Jocelyn was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  After Jocelyn made several attempts to enter a series of treatment facilities, I contacted a friend’s father who suggested Westminster house as a potential recovery house for Jocelyn.

Jocelyn began the detoxing process showing her readiness for treatment.  This already was the beginning glimpses of hope and serenity. The process went quickly and efficiently.  The first call to Westminster house, we were told a bed was available for Jocelyn.  A few days later, Jocelyn caught the ferry, alone, to Tsawassen, where she was lovingly greeted by a Westminster house employee.

Mixed emotions welled up in me, but mostly incredible relief.

I remember waves of relief and gratitude because someone cared and understood enough to pick up my daughter, a complete stranger, and make available to her the choice of a clean, sober and serene life.  And so began her journey to recovery.

I knew the future was still uncertain, but Jocelyn for now, was in a safe place, with people who cared and understood her disease.  What a breakthrough.  Jocelyn had made this choice on her own!!!

Early on in her recovery, on several occasions, Jocelyn was close to leaving Westminster house.

Because of the incredible community of support, she kept hanging on.

All the visits we made to the House while Jocelyn was in treatment, we were welcomed and treated as family.  I would leave there with such a feeling of gratitude and hope.

After so many years of chaos, hurt, worry and uncertainty for the future of our precious youngest child, I  gradually learned to live a day at a time and to set boundaries, which in turn helped me to take care of myself and our family.

Gradually we began to see a Jocelyn not controlled by substance, but the Jocelyn that loved life and people.

As Jocelyn’s recovery progressed, we as a family could also begin to recover.  I was able to put life into perspective again.

The mother/daughter friendship and closeness I once had with Jocelyn began to blossom again.  The real Jocelyn began to emerge.

Jocelyn is now over four years clean and sober.  My relationship with her is as good as it has ever been.  We have both learned to be open and honest.  We respect each other; we communicate regularly and cherish all our time spent together.  Jocelyn, Steve, Grace and Katarina live in Terrace, B.C.  Jocelyn is a hardworking, amazing wife, mother, sister and daughter.  In her community she embraces every opportunity to reach out and help, support, encourage and listen to anyone in need.  She loves life and is active in her community and personal life.

I remember several years ago while Jocelyn was in hospital, an elderly patient whom Jocelyn had befriended,  predicted that Jocelyn would go places in her life.  Thanks to Westminster House for assisting and making that prediction come true.  Her life has seen a complete transformation since her recovery at Westminster House.

Westminster House played a huge part in Jocelyn’s recovery journey.  It was the perfect place for her to recover.

Although Jocelyn lives in Terrace, her connection to Westminster House and all the beautiful mentors and supporting people she met in the community remains strong.

I am forever grateful.

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