Events and Activities you do for Women to be Involved

Drug addiction is an incredibly hard issue to overcome. The rehabilitation treatment will put people through a rigorous detoxification process; it also helps restore the mind to a state where control is regained. One of the most important aspects of women’s drug treatment and alcohol addiction treatment is participating in group therapy. Still, some women might have trouble adjusting to this therapy. There are a few events or activities that may help your loved one feel a little more comfortable about joining such a group.

Events or Activities That Encourage Participation

One of the strongest weapons against isolation is to be in settings that challenge this. It is okay to take baby steps to get your loved one to participate in group therapy sessions. A good idea might be to set up dinner dates with others. Start with family members, move on to friends, and then neighbours. The key is to invite people that you know and slowly move toward people that you do not.

Another good idea is to encourage club memberships, such as reading clubs. What you want to do is help your family member or friend get out of her comfort zone. You can help by joining the groups at the beginning and slowly let your loved one participate on her own. Try to have your loved one join groups that she is genuinely interested in. Joining a group just for the sake of joining does not always help, especially for someone who has trouble fitting into groups.

It might sound a little odd, but it is also a good idea to encourage your loved one to find ways to treat herself. One reason why some people have a hard time fitting in with groups is because they feel intimidated or self-conscious. Encouraging your loved to treat herself better may actually build confidence, which could help make group therapy sessions a little easier.

Projection also helps, which basically involves your loved one closing her eyes and imagining herself in front of a group of strangers. Ask her how she would respond to the question or how she would open up.

Hopefully, some of these activities help your loved one feel a little more comfortable in a group-like environment because these types of sessions are incredibly important for some of the treatments that Westminster House offers.