May is “Leave a Legacy Month” – How do you want to be remembered?

This May, Canadians across the country are thinking of ways they can leave a lasting impact. Planned Giving is when a donor makes a commitment to give a non-profit organization a large gift, over time or in their Will. Commitments like this ensure that your legacy has an impact on what is most important to you.

A gift in your Will allows you make the gift of a lifetime to a cause you believe in, something you may not be able to afford while you’re alive. Westminster House has a long and healthy future ahead of itself but planning for that future is a must, as with any great endeavor. As a donor you might think that leaving such a gift to a non-profit will take away from what you can leave to your family. But because of tax regulations, you can give money to a non-profit that you would otherwise give to the government in taxes. If a non-profit like Westminster house were to receive a gift through someone’s Will, they would be able to use it for something important that they couldn’t have done otherwise. Another amazing thing about planned giving is that you, the donor get a say in what your gift is used for. Unlike regular donations planned giving is exactly what it says, planned. Giving security to a non-profit for its future success, while leaving a legacy that defines your character and values even when you are gone.

For many of us, giving time and energy to Westminster House has been a great way to give back to the organization that does so many wonderful things for at risk women. Why not build an even stronger bond with Westminster House while giving yourself the satisfaction of leaving a legacy of great support to a non-profit that is close to your heart.

To find out  more about how your can be remembered at Westminster House, visit our Planned Giving page at