Health is an important component while recovering from addiction. Engaging in a wellness program has many benefits in regards to relapse prevention and long term recovery. The wellness program at Westminster House includes medical and holistic approaches.  After a complete medical assessment, programs are introduced to each individual client based on there needs.

The Trauma and Pain Management Program is essential as a large percentage of women who enter our program have been traumatized and abused.   Unfortunately,  women who need extra support are unable to access the therapist due to their financial situation.  Our goal is to employ our therapist on staff full time so that all the clients can access the holistic services regardless of financial situation.

The idea of addiction as a brain disease is a very new one. People once saw addiction as a personality flaw and a sign of weakness. This stigma still persists in society today and is a major challenge for addicts and the people who treat them. Westminster House strives to meet the needs of treatment in all area’s recovery: body, mind and spirit.

Join us in our belief that treatment works.

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