Douglas College Award

Douglas College Foundation and Westminster House are partnering to honour women who have completed the 8-week After Care OnGoing Recovery Program.

The Women Do Recover Award of Education will fund a full academic year at Douglas College. The award will go to the selected candidates who submit the most compelling essay.

Do you meet the Criteria?

Submit a 2 page essay telling us:

  1. Now that you have reclaimed your life, what are you going to with it?
  2. How will obtaining this award help you to reach your personal and post-secondary goals?
  3. What programs and courses are you interested in taking and why?

In February 2016 we presented the first Women Do Recovery Award of Education to Nicole K.

2016 – The first winner of the award, Nicole K, read her essay here.

2017 – The award is presented to Kyla P in 2017, read her essay here.

2018 – The award is presented to Danielle I, read her essay here.

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