To Westminster House Capital Projects

Our current capital project is the development of a new two-floor building to replace our old administration building.
The first floor will be home to a completely separate admissions area, dedicated to improving the intake process and overall client experience. This new admissions area will provide a calm and private space for our incoming women and youth giving them dignity as they exit the horrific life of addiction and make their first step toward a new way of life. Additionally, the space will include food storage to help alleviate the unprecedented rising cost of food by allowing us to purchase in bulk.
The second floor will house new enhanced administrative offices and office supply storage, which will centralize our administrative staff and improve efficiency, thereby saving cost and time as we carry out our important work.  It will also free up space in our residential buildings.
You can view the proposed building plans here: WHS Accessory Building Plans
While we have already secured grants for some of the costs associated with this new build, there are always unexpected additional costs with construction. One example is the City of New Westminster’s required site servicing and upgrades needed for construction approval.  The site servicing cost is over $50,000, representing a large unforeseen expense for a non-profit. We ask for your help in raising these funds for our much needed new building!
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