To GivingTuesday

Be part of something big –  join the movement dedicated to giving back 

GivingTuesday is an annual day of giving when charities, companies and individuals join together and rally for their favourite causes. It unites communities by sharing our capacity to care for and empower one another. Tuesday, November 29th marks the opening day of the 2022 giving season. In the same way retailers participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the giving community comes together for GivingTuesday. 

Westminster House Society (WHS) is asking you to join our GivingTuesday campaign to help raise $10,000 toward the cost of the City of New Westminster’s required site servicing and upgrades needed for the construction approval of a new building.  

The site servicing cost is over $50,000, representing a large unexpected sum for a non-profit. We ask for your help to urgently upgrade our city services. Without the upgrade, construction which is due to proceed in January 2022, will be delayed. 

This new building will include two floors. The first floor will be dedicated to client intake and client care offices. This new admissions area will provide an improved client experience, giving them dignity as they exit the horrific life of addiction and make their first step toward a new way of life.  Additionally, the space will include food storage to help alleviate the unprecedented rising cost of food by allowing us to purchase in bulk.  

The second floor will house new enhanced administrative offices and office supply storage, which will centralize our administrative staff and improve efficiency, thereby saving cost and time in our important work.   

You can view the link to our proposed plans here: Accessory Building – Westminster House Recovery Society Website 

Save the date!  On Tuesday November 29, 2022, join the GivingTuesday movement and donate here: Donate Now – Westminster House Society ( 

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