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We Help Women Recover

Westminster House provides a residential treatment program for women healing from addiction. Westminster House offers an affordable treatment program, with a proven success rate and an excellent reputation of supporting clients, through treatment, to permanently exit addiction, returning to their families, the workplace and their lives. Westminster House has worked with women to help them get their lives back on track. Our residential treatment program offers an affordable solution for the addict and their family. With a proven success rate and an excellent reputation of supporting clients Westminster House’s goal is to help women permanently exit addiction, returning to their families, the workplace and getting their lives back.

The ultimate goal for Westminster House clients:

Abstinence from drugs and alcohol.
Improved overall health.
Improved family and social relationships.
Access to educational and employment opportunities.

Our Mission

Westminster House is a long term residential recovery center for women healing from addiction. Westminster House promotes and facilitates a desire for recovery, helping women help themselves overcome addiction. The recovery program provides the necessary tools to women, so they can trust their own ability to reclaim a drug-free existence. A symbol of hope, an acorn has to hit the ground hard in order to break open, grow, and reveal the strong oak within.

Mission Statement

“To provide residential addiction treatment for women through integrated social recovery, education, and wellness.”


  • Women do recover
  • Recovery is a lifelong process
  • The 12-Step program offers the best post-treatment recovery
  • Clients benefit from a supportive home-like therapeutic milieu
  • Clients benefit from concerned, competent staff who are knowledgeable about addition.


Julien House Society is a charitable, non profit organization and is the parent organization under which Westminster House and all its programs operate. Founded in 1981, Julien House Society was named in honor of the highly respected BC-resident Dr. Walter Julien, a well-known dentist and member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

The Society was created by a group of caring and compassionate members from the local AA community as well as concerned local business people. After a few years of looking for the best way to make a difference, they settled on the need for a safe house to be established for women recovering from alcoholism.

In 1985 the Society leased a temporary home in New Westminster, BC and Westminster House opened its doors as a ‘sober house’ for women. Eventually the program grew, and a permanent house was purchased through a Human Resources Development Canada grant.

As Westminster House grew in size and reputation, it continued to offer women in search of abstinence from alcohol and drugs a more formalized, holistic approach to recovery.

Today the program offers a wide range of services for women and their families.

Westminster House Program now offers a full continuum of care and includes Primary and Second Stage Care: daily group therapy, written work, educational sessions, life skills, wellness and individual counseling and Transitional Living and On-Going Recovery.

The Social Model Program

Our Social Model addiction recovery program teaches that while we think as individuals, we succeed together. Community interaction and personal experiences are the tools we use to help others. Recovery is an individual choice and an ongoing process that is demonstrated, measured and strengthened by community involvement.

We emphasize the process of relearning responses to challenges, stresses, and anxieties through ‘‘doing’’ and ‘‘experiencing’’ things in a new way by watching positive role models. Our Social model program is successful because of the effective way we build strong, positive social coping behaviours and social support systems.

Our Social model recovery program configures our human resources, organizational structures, and physical spaces differently than conventional treatment programs. 75% of our staff are people with lived experience and develop and manage the recovery environment, as well as serves as role models, through modelling the behaviour expected of the clients.

The Social Model at Westminster House provides the reintroduction to drug-free social activities within the community. Allowing an opportunity to teach clients how to have fun and to experience life as enjoyable and productive without drug use. Westminster House understands that addiction is the disease of isolation and that making connections is the best medicine and the advantages of the Social Model of Recovery.

Board Of Directors

Scott Emerson | President

Mr. Emerson’s roles have included senior management positions and directorships. Scott brings a background in finance, business development, strategic planning and corporate restructuring to our team. An active member of the board for 10 years, Scott has been President of the organization since 2011. During this time, he has worked closely with Westminster House to double its client capacity, expand its programs and ensure affordable treatment and a home-like environment is delivered to all clients.

Michelle Mix | Vice President

When families are dealing with a loved one struggling with addiction their lives are filled with chaos and heartache. This is where Michelle’s passions are – reaching out to those families and walking alongside them as they heal. Michelle has been involved with Westminster House for over 4 years and is an enthusiastic supporter of the Family Group meetings. Michelle has enjoyed a rewarding career, served on various boards and after a brief “retirement” has joined her husband’s business in the investment & insurance industry.

Mary Broadland  | Director

This year Westminster House welcomes back director, Mary Broadland to the board of directors who is an experienced realtor with a background in the marketing and advertising industry. Mary brings her strong professional skills in strategic planning, negotiations, advertising, integrated marketing, client service and management to Westminster House board of directors.

Lisa Hutchings| Secretary/Treasurer

Lisa’s journey with the Westminster House started in 2016 as a client and is now a proud alumnus. Recovery has been the greatest gift she has given to herself, her family and her friends. Lisa has gained so much in life due to the support and knowledge she received at the Westminster House and is honored to give back by being apart of the Board of Directors. Lisa has previous experience as she was a community board member of a neighborhood house. She has worked for the Vancouver School Board since 2006 as a School and Student Support Worker which has taught her to be collaborative, patient, empathetic and attentive.

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