With Spring kicking off a few weeks ago the New West Recovery Sun Run Team from Westminster House Treatment Center and Last Door Recovery geared up together to kick off their training with some sweat!

The Vancouver Sun Run is scheduled for April 17, 2016.  It is Canada’s largest 10 km run and the 3rd largest timed 10k in the world since 1985.

The Vancouver Sun strives to promote benefits of running to improve healthy living, fun, openness and inclusiveness. These values strongly align with the New West Recovery Community as we place emphasis on unity building, healthy living, openness, wellness and balance.

Recovery is encouraged to be fun and engaging. Many of our Clients come from a place of isolation, despair, hopelessness and lack of direction in their lives and no idea of what “fun” looks like. The New West Recovery Community creates opportunities like the Vancouver Sun Run where Clients get a chance to be part of something larger and exciting.

A large part of the recovery is finding balance not just mentally and emotionally but physically. When we learn how to release natural dopamine’s Client’s start to feel good about themselves which in return builds self-esteem and confidence.

The purpose and passion they find preparing and then executing their efforts on run day are just a few of the memories provided through Westminster House.