Family Support

Family Support is a resource established to assist family members and friends affected by addiction. Family Support Group provides access to knowledgeable professional staff who offer families assistance and support while their loved ones are in treatment at Westminster House.

This component is essential. Addiction affects the whole family. It’s important that loved ones are aware of relapse warning signs, what is enabling and the difference of detaching with care.

Often families blame themselves or feel tremendous guilt. It is important as the client becomes emotionally healthy that the families do as well. Most of all, when families become part of the process, the outcome of success increases. Families benefit from knowing what is happening at the house day to day. They also benefit by learning the 12-step philosophy and language. This gives the family hope and something to work towards together.

Family involvement and support is critical to the recovery process – relationships begin to mend from confusion, hurt, and misunderstandings.

Family members are guided to work on their own issues, develop self-care techniques, and learn how to support their loved one. Continuing care recommendations are given to family members to support their ongoing recovery.

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Family Group is facilitated at Westminster House every Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Call us at 604-524-5633 for more information.